Farm House Style… without the Farm

So I had this idea about wood columns….

When it comes to interior design, I always love to add something a little unexpected to each house. It’s safe to say that Chip and Joanna have taken over the HGTV landscape and have forever found a place in our hearts, we have been inspired by their designs and  were motivated to find the perfect farm house. Yet sometimes we still find ourselves wishing we could sit back and just have them come do it all for us… but where’s the fun in that?!


Modern Farm House Style

It all started with a beautiful natural wood column. At least that is how I remember it. When we began planning the details of this gorgeous 3,000 sf. home, I knew it needed something special. We have experimented with wooden beams and various combinations of trim details and accents but those previous details weren’t quite right for this project.


“The” Columns – Natural Cedar Wrapped Columns with a Natural Stain

With many open-concept floor plans, it can be difficult to define each individual living space with furniture alone. Sometimes an architectural detail such as headers or columns may be necessary to do so. I knew we wanted to achieve a farmhouse feel in this home, but with any new home, you want to make sure it gives off the “I could actually live in this house” vibe … instead of the “I bought this house and furniture as a package deal off a showroom floor” vibe. By incorporating the natural woods along with the white walls, matte grey washed oak floors, and shiplap details, this home becomes a happy mix of crisp and cozy (my favorite combo!).


Great Room – Shiplap, Built-ins, Sliding Doors


Great Room – 9×12 Pottery Barn Rug, Ashley Furniture, Wayfair, Leather Chairs

Can we start by talking about how HUGE this great room is? Those are 2 full size sofas, a 9×12 Pottery Barn rug, two big leather chairs, the biggest coffee table ever and there is still room for a console vignette on the side.  When furnishing a room of this size (19′ wide x 23′ deep, with an 11′ ceiling height) it is important to remember the scale of the furniture. Realistically that Ikea furniture that fit perfectly in your 800 sf. downtown apartment is going to look like doll furniture in this space. That being said, there are many affordable options that look and feel like some of the more expensive options but on a budget that may be a little friendlier if you have to furnish more than one room.

If you read nothing other than this when it comes to size and scale…



I know, I know… that was dramatic. But seriously,  if you’re not sure what size rug you need please check out these helpful hints here.




Master Bathroom – Framed Mirrors, Quartz Countertops, Stained Cabinets, Barn Lights

If you are looking to build a new home or just looking for some simple update ideas. This bathroom design fairly simple and is something that can be easily replicated. Whether you can add decorative mirror or if you’re stuck with a plate glass mirror, this simple white frame can be DIY project or they even make kits that can be added to an existing mirror. (Such as MirrEdge frame kits

I have found that the best place to find lighting like this is to start in the outdoor section. The lights pictured are Kichler Westington outdoor lights ( but I have seen options available at your local home improvement store.

Farmhouse Front Door

Double front doors, hanging gas lantern, box wood accents

Farmhouse Style


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