A Beach House, Using Unexpected Coastal Design Details

Photos by: Campbell Photography Studio / Homes by: Blue Sky Building Company

Incorporating elegant and unexpected coastal design details in any home can pose a problem for many folks. Some options end up looking a little cliched and over done. As I type this, the image of the inside of some of our local seafood restaurants automatically pop into my head. So, I am always drawn to homes that are able to capture the carefree feel that comes with beach side living but I prefer to see the coastal details showcased in a less obvious way.

One of my favorite local builders, Blue Sky Building Company, has been able to capture the essence of coastal living in so many of their custom homes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on some of these projects and others I just love to admire from afar. Each of their clients have had very specific individual styles and with the help of the talented Blue Sky team, have built some of my favorite beach home inspirations.

finding the fun in coastal design:

Wallpaper is an easy way to transform any space. From geometric designs, to palm leaves or foliage, and brightly colored animal prints, a great pattern can add so much life to any room. As I keep plugging away on design on our current home, I’m working up the courage to 1) mention the word wallpaper to my husband because he thinks anything we can’t paint over easily is a bad idea, and then 2) actually commit to a pattern that I could see myself living with long term… the struggle is real.

However, powder rooms like the photo below are helping me get closer and closer to a decision. This adorable bathroom wallpaper featuring our finer “finned” friends turn what would be a traditional and otherwise ordinary bathroom into an intriguing and playful space.

Coastal Fish Wallpaper

Playful bathroom featuring traditional fixtures and fun fish wallpaper.

everything but the kitchen (or bar) SInk:

One of my favorite unexpected places to put something special is a bar sink area. From mosaic tiled sinks, to a gorgeous silver fish sink, you can’t go wrong with something funky in a smaller space like a wet bar or prep sink. It can be unassuming from across the room so it will not compete with any other decor or fixtures in the room, but as soon as you spot it, the sink becomes a showstopping conversation piece.

Silver Fish Sink

Silver Fish Sink

Elegant coastal design, down the drain:

Let’s be honest, bathroom sinks can be boring!! One of my favorite ways to dress up a basic bathroom sink is to install a decorative drain cover. I love the ones shown below. You can find these cute little guys at Linkasink and they can be added to most existing sinks. You may need to verify the sizing with one of their reps.

One thing to note: These drains may not be the best option for locations with heavy use or if you have young children. I would reconsider if the sink will be used for more than simple hand washing… . They tend to be heavy and if you need to close the sink often, the mounting rod that holds them in place can get damaged. My recommendation would be to use in an area that does not get “heavy duty” use such a powder room.

With options in all styles and colors, you can get such a cool effect and tie these fun drain accents into the rest of the decor in your room. Here are a few of my favorites.

Now, I’m a sucker for a mirror. Especially an oversized driftwood mirror. This has been one of my inspiration photos for years. I love the look of the decorative mirror turned sideways to cover both vanity sinks instead of one big plate mirror. I’ve searched high and low for an affordable version of this driftwood mirror. Unfortunately, to find one of this size is going to be an investment. I haven’t quite found the right spot in my home for it yet. One day…

Coastal Design Bathroom with Driftwood Mirror

Coastal Bathroom with Driftwood Mirror

I’ll welcome these sharks any day:

Okay… HOLD THE PHONE… Adorable fish designs in place of standard rafter tails. Sign me up! When I saw this outdoor shower with the shark rafters, my inner kid jumped for joy.  I knew I had to share this adorable coastal design with all my people. It is such an unexpected element.

If you were just glancing at the photos in passing you could easily miss this “fin”tastic treat. This is a perfect example of why I love custom coastal homes. You can add sweet details like this and it adds so much charm to an already incredible beach house.

Outdoor Shower with Coastal Design Shark Fin Rafters

Outdoor Shower with Shark Fin Rafters

dreamy screen porch with coastal cutouts:

So I’ve saved the best for last. This is on my absolute MUST HAVE list for any beach house in our distant future. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these awesome fishy cutouts in the screen door. It creates a welcoming scene as soon as you lay eyes on those cute little guys. I know this isn’t an “off the shelf” type purchase and may require custom carpentry but if you have an opportunity to install a door like this on your home, I say DO II (and make sure to send me pictures)!!

Beach House Screen Door with Coastal Design Fish Details

Beach House Screen Door with Fish Details


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