Dream Home Series: A NEW take on OLD charm!

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Our dream home series featuring premier Charlotte, NC custom builder NEW OLD, LLC.

As any home design enthusiast can probably relate, perusing the interwebs of social media will lead you down paths of great discovery and inspiration. Well let me tell you… I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this incredible home by New Old, LLC. The attention to detail and the unbelievable dream home spaces give me house envy in the worst way.

This Charlotte, NC area custom home builder captures the epitome of elegance and southern charm with their Greyhouse project. I don’t have to tell you a thing about this home, the pictures do all the talking. Take a scroll with me… and enjoy!

Talk about knowing how to make an entrance.

The natural stained wood front door on this home paired with wood shingles, dramatic roof line, and classic lanterns is destined for entertaining guests. As you step across the threshold into the gorgeously trimmed foyer, you are immediately swept away into a Dream Home nirvana.

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The dramatic dark kitchen cabinets anchored by the warm wood tones and rich textiles make this elegant space so inviting.

There is something about this kitchen and hearth room that scream elegance but with a updated masculine touch. The heaviness of the dark wood is balanced so nicely against the wormy details of the lower cabinets and kitchen hood. The minimalistic dropped lights replace traditional recessed lighting to bring that classic “old” feel while still maintaining the functionality of the space.

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Even the utility spaces are as beautiful as they are functional.

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I absolutely love how each room has been carefully thought out with every space taking on a personality of its own.

By incorporating varying materials and finishes, each room has a unique feel. One critical element of most custom homes, is that every space has an intended purpose and has been thoroughly planned. Many of us search for homes that we can “make work” and we will decorate over time.

The careful attention to each an every detail down to the trim colors and hardware selections give this Dream Home life and personality. I’m sure it will evolve over the years as its lucky family pours love and memories into it. However, this exquisitely designed home is stunning exactly the way we see it here.

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Don’t mind me… I’ll be by the pool!

As I mentioned before, no detail too small on this project. I need an extra towel to wipe the Dream House drool off my desk as I write this! From the stone fireplace to the perfectly manicured lawn, this outdoor space is calling to me.

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Photography via newold.com



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